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Back to the Himilayas, I go

I remember the intense level of disappointment that arose the day we were put in our outreach teams. I was sure I was going to Kenya, but instead I was placed on a team headed for the Himalayas (at the time I wasn't even sure where that was located). I can remember so badly wanting to bail and ask to be put on a different team, but I felt from the Lord to learn to be content with what he gives me. Everything from Him is divine and if I am patient I will see His goodness and faithfulness in being obedient in going to the Himalayas with the specific people He had picked to be on our team.

Instant gratification has truly tainted our society. I think about how every good thing takes time. The Lord created a timeline for everything. For instance, the greatness of potato salad. Yes, potato salad could very well be my favorite food of all time. Potatoes take up to ONE HUNDRED whole days to grow to full maturity. Each bowl of potato salad takes at least one hundred days to make start to finish-- not to mention all of the other ingredients in it and the actual physical prep time. Praise the Lord for patient farmers. You see, if these farmers planted their potato seeds, waited three weeks with no harvest, and gave up, tilled up the soil to plant a new crop, no potato salad.

The point I’m trying to make is that the harvest requires patience. Fruit, or in this example vegetables, requires patience and care-- water, sunlight, and gentleness. In the same way, seeing the fruit and reward from the Lord’s word and plan takes care, takes grace, gentleness, and a tender heart with open hands.

So, I gave the Himalayas a chance. I had no idea what to expect but I gave it a shot.

As many of you know, I fell completely in love with the place, with the people, and especially the children. It was truly by the grace of God that this happened. Between being concussed from fainting and bracing my fall with my face, to getting sick from every other thing I ate, the Himalayas still felt like home, and when I left the Himalayas, I left a piece of my heart there, maybe even half of it.

This leads to the big news I have been eagerly waiting to share. The Lord has asked me to commit my twenties to the Himalayan region. Following my yes to the Lord, he gave me the “big dream” and the purpose for why he brought me to teach at The Learning Center.

As I finish up my first year teaching, I look back on all I have learned, all I didn’t know regarding the “behind the scenes” of teaching and all the hours in the classroom after school, But, I am so thankful for the tough yet sweet season the Lord has allowed here in Kona. This season allowed me to gracefully learn that the classroom is where I am supposed to be. With that being said, I am getting my associate's degree here at the University of the Nations to be able to return to the Himalayas and establish a Christian, Holy Spirit-led school.

The Lord has been speaking and giving me dreams for months for what this is supposed to look like. This school will be a safe place for all children to learn about who Jesus is and love him. This school will be a place where the lowest class can come to receive quality education (because the quality of education someone receives should not be dependent on the amount of money you have.) This school will be a place where women with no vocation can come to be trained to be a teacher and be discipled in their faith. Easy multiplication and simplicity are really what I feel God is going after. The Lord has given me such a conviction to go and learn the way the Eastern school system works and to not bring in the western education system, but bring Jesus to the school system they already established.

“When do you plan on moving back?”, you may ask. I committed my twenties to this region and as you know I am still nineteen. I have committed to teaching at the Learning Center (where I am a third-grade teacher) for the 2021-2022 school year, but I am planning on moving summer/fall of 2022. I have my hands open to the Lord and am ready to alter this timeline upon His request, but this is the goal he has asked me to put my hands to at this time.

I will be back in Michigan for a few weeks this summer and can't wait to share all the Lord has done and is continuing to do in my life out here in Kona.

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