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Dear Best Friend,

I apologize in advance that this is not an update about being in the Himalayas, but this is a story about how my life was forever changed on February 11, 2019.

If you didn’t know, and many of you wouldn’t, I met Alison Diller, my best friend, soul sister, partner in crime, and most importantly gift from God a year ago yesterday. When I met her I asked Jesus over and over again, “Why did you wait so long? Why couldn’t we have known each other for the entirety of our lives?” Well my friends, news flash; God waits for the exact moment He knows is right to move. To bring people in or out of your life, to change your plans, or to give you even the smallest revelation. And the moment I met A, I could feel the Lord saying, “this is right.”

A little bit over a year ago I was in rough shape. I was also very good at hiding the fact that I was in very rough shape. It had been about four months since we left my brother at West Point (after he completed his basic training) and I was still unsure how to go about without him being by my side everyday. I was a senior in high school, winding down, preparing for auditions to colleges that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go to. I didn’t really have a plan, because for the first time ever, my life wasn’t planned for me. I was putting all of my energy into things, that in the long run didn’t prove to matter much; training for sports, hurtful relationships, and stressing too much about not letting people see me not okay. I was cracking under all the pressure that was put on me by those I loved and especially myself. I was losing who I really was. I was breaking my own heart working as hard as I could to make sure everyone else was okay.

Listen: you can’t save the world. That is not our job.

But I sure was going to try.

And then Jesus placed Alison in my life.

Like I said before, I was good at hiding my hurt. I thought “I’m the student council president, I am a face people see, a voice they hear, I have many leadership roles, I am upfront in everything I do, I have to suck it up at keep going.” Jen, my amazing friend and mentor whom I love so very much, could see right through that load of crap I was feeding myself. And she was great friends with A’s mom.

Yes, I was basically set up on a blind date with my best friend. At this point, nothing should surprise you.

Alison has her story, and that’s for her to tell, but up to this point I’d never met someone who understood me, who understood my hurt, who was so pure, so passionate about things that mattered, so on fire for Jesus, and who loved the way she did. We were instantly friends. (Or maybe it was the donut I dropped off at school to her later that week.) Ever since it’s been a wild roller coaster ride, as we lived very different lives during the day (going to two different schools and participating in different extracurriculars) we’ve had our own struggles, but we have always been there for each other. Always.


You are the sister I used to plead to God for. I can’t thank you enough. I can’t thank you enough for loving me, for being my friend, for being so real. I can’t thank you enough for always supporting me, always being team Carlie and letting me be your biggest fan in return— possibly a close second to Mama Steph. Thank you for giving me someone to trust, someone to cry to (because dang, have there been tears), oh man, thank you for the late night adventures, and sleepovers— school night or not. Thank you for sharing my love of slushees, movies, and donuts. For all our Taco Bell runs— and ice cream after we’ve just burned off the calories of the ice cream from the night before at practice. Thank you for being my prom date (you were the best one, shhh.) Thank you for loving Jesus so much, for RUNNING after him as fast as you can, and for holding me to a standard just as high. I miss sitting on Jen’s couch doing bible study, and going to church together, and screaming worship at the top of our lungs driving down M89 with the windows rolled down.

Because the Lord put you in my path, it changed the trajectory of my life.

I know am half way across the world right now, but I want you to know that I’m still your number one fan, I am praying for you always, and I miss you loads! The Lord said “this is right,” and I can’t thank him enough for that. I used to think “man, I lost 17 (when we met) years of being friends with you,” but as I’ve been gone for about five months, I’ve come to realize that 17 years is nothing compared to the lifetime we have left. You are the greatest. You are so loved and don’t forget that you are royalty-because your father is the Highest of All Kings. Allison, I can’t wait to see what your life brings, and how much glory God receives through you. He’s going to use you in such crazy, amazing ways— he already has, and that’s just the beginning. I love you and I miss you. And you are going to CRUSH it finishing up your first year at GV! Keep your head up, keep your eyes on what's important, and leaning into Him.

One year down— how the heck did that happen?

See ya later :)


Car 💛

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