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God Called “Time-Out”

It is with a bittersweet heart that I am now writing to you. I am about twenty four hours away from stepping on a plane without knowing when I will be returning to the home I have created in Kona.

Two years ago I got on a plane for the first time ever as a bright-eyed-bushy-tailed-fresh-out-of-high-school gal who had no idea what the world had to offer, let alone the opportunity that God created in this fallen world to show his children who he really is. I didn’t know much nor did I know who the Lord had created me to be.

I had no idea what was ahead of me. I had no idea I was about to go through the biggest “pressing” I had ever experienced. Not in the ways of the world this time, rather with so much grace and with a community who saw me the way the Lord intended me to be.

These are the people that have made me fall so deeply in love with this place I have been able to call home for a much shorter time than I anticipated. The feeling in my gut and wells in my eyes as I am packing up are a reminder of how well I have been loved and have been given the freedom to love those who God puts in front of me.

If you did not know, a few weeks ago I had a pretty gnarly knee injury, which in turn is requiring many appointments to physical therapy.

On that Monday, I had committed to staffing a discipleship training school in the Himalayas (YES--YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!) and on Friday, I took a tumble at swing dancing that ended up with me in the most pain I have ever been in, with a dislocated knee, in the Emergency Room. I wish I had more details for you, or a picture of how gnarly it was (but the docs wouldn't take a picture of it out of place, bummer.) It was in an instant, that I didn’t know what my next few months were to look like.

I knew that I would come back to Michigan before heading to the Himalayas to see those I love dearly, along with receiving some answers for some other health questions my doctors have had, but it was still in the process of figuring out how that was going to work while also teaching. Throughout the next week, I had been praying because the last thing I wanted to do was leave my kids prematurely. I had committed to them until January, and was still wrapping my head and heart around that, as I have been these sweet, wild, revivalist, amazing children’s teacher for over a year. As I was praying I kept hitting walls practically, specifically with my insurance, which is why I made the decision to be back in Michigan now, yes as you are reading this, until I -- in Jesus name -- head to the Himalayas.

While I am in Michigan I have felt that it is important for me to continue my education and become certified to teach English as a second language. If you would like to partner with me financially in this please reach out and I can give you information about how to do this. Having this certification will be game changing as I continue to work in other nations.

As I am home and in this preparation season, I ask that you partner with me in prayer for healing in my knee, and that my MRI (on the 27th) would show good news! I really do neehasd my knee to do most things in my life, but the Lord been teaching me so much through this injury. I ask that you would pray that God provides everything I need to be able to go back to the Himalayas to staff a Discipleship Training School. Lastly, that he would meet my heart with whatever decisions are made by the doctor.

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