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I hear God’s Voice!

A mini update

Jesus is a living God, therefore He is working and speaking to our day in and day out.

I’ve known this in my head for a while, but sometimes I questioned it in my heart. “Was that you Jesus, or was that my own thoughts.” The conclusion that I have come to is this:

God created us, he created everything about us. So if he created everything about us he then would be the creator of our thoughts, and because God is all good and all-loving, if you have a thought that’s good, loving, unselfish, and kingdom advancing— then, in turn, it is from God.

I’ve been repeating that logic over and over in my mind. And then— confirmation.

God is so good!

On our last village outreach, we were given the opportunity to speak original design into children at our friend Babarum’s kid’s home. After Kate and I prayed over the first young boy, Dinesh, and were sharing it we quickly realized we heard the Lord say the same thing.


We shared with the second young boy, Rajev, and again— we heard the same thing! We may have been a bit more excited about this than the boys we were praying over, our loud screeches proved that. I’ve learned that even the little confirmations and revelation deserve to be celebrated.

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