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Our Family Has Grown!

As many of you know, my life is basically a walking musical. Song of the week: You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins, because man am I going to miss this. I am going to miss having this community and my best pals by my side, “walking (these streets) with authority because Jesus is on our side,” I’m going to miss Allen’s jokes about a bunny walking into a bar to buy cold coffee, I’m going to miss my girl gang of eleven, I’m going to miss the South-East Asia team of eight that joined us for the last four weeks of outreach.

Before I get all sappy let’s rewind, imagine this: you are thrown together with thirteen other people you’ve never met, and after multiple weeks get launched out half way across the world to live with each other. Do you have anything in common? Are your personalities similar? Do you have similar backgrounds? Similar interests?

Not particularly...

The one thing we all do have in common is that we love Jesus. We chose to give him our “yes” and jump into this adventure traveling half way across the world to bring glory to Him. We are all in different parts of our walk with Him, and have had different revelations through the situations we’ve been through in our past and the community we were able to grow up in. But because of this my team has been able to grow each other in profound ways.

It’s comical really, I cried to Allen, our leader, the night before we left Kona because I didn’t feel like I knew anyone on our team the way I wanted. But let me tell you, when you live in such close quarters you get to know people really well. Their mannerisms, their habits, how organized someone is (or in my case the lack there of), and the way they interact with people. I was really blessed to have a powerhouse of a team weather it’s in prayer, worship, biblical knowledge, Holy Spirit, evangelism, or sharing devotions and words from the Lord, everyone brings something to our team that is influential to it working the way the Lord intended it to.

My favorite night of the week has always been Monday “family dinner nights,” where we cook at home, and just hang out in community. We talk, goof around, create relationship with each other. My team truly is my second family, and the bond that Jesus created through our trials and being venerable with each other is one I know I can count on as we all move on and go separate ways.

As a team, we were “ticking” pretty well, we were falling into a nice rhythm, a good flow. And then the Lord decided it was time to challenge us.

We welcomed eight new people into our team.

There were growing pains for a short minute, but I can’t express to you how thankful I am for this team. We push each other in ways we didn’t know we needed to be pushed in. Alex fuels my humor, and we are constantly feeding off each other for content and jokes, he’s a big brother who takes care of everyone around him, he carries an abundance of joy that is so influential to everyone he comes in contact with. Sean is the kindest person I’ve probably ever met... EVER, Sean listens so well and goes above and beyond in everything he does. I’ve learned so much from his wisdom and hearing his prayers, from watching him speak to others about Jesus, it’s truly outstanding. He confidence is infectious. Shekynah is a QUEEN, she is a culture setter, she is wild and loving and goofy and caring. Her gift of story telling and creating devotions is quite amazing along with her beautiful voice. Addi is a so steadfast in her faith and is able to communicate and relate with anyone she meets. Lauren is so sweet, she is a fighter, she loves so well and her voice is so powerful. Elisabeth is a prayer warrior, and she has a great sense of humor, she can always make you laugh. Marina has a love so big, weather it be a tiny little goat, a child, or someone she just met, she is so intentional and graceful and she loves so well. And Zoe is so caring and will never let someone feel left out.

I for one love new people, I am about as extroverted as it gets, and it’s been a field day being able to do ministry with twenty-two people. Our teams have meshed so well, I wouldn’t trade this for the world. We have basically become a small army: a small army of Jesus-loving young adults who are ready, at a moments notice, to share His love with anyone around.

How lucky am I?

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