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Time Flies By When You're Being Led by the Holy Spirit.

Updated: Jan 18

I wasn’t able to go home this year for Thanksgiving, but my holiday was so sweet and so tender as I was able to spend it with my best friend, who flew out here all the way from Michigan, and my dear friends-- the Walker family.

Thanksgiving felt so different this year, not only because it was the first time I didn’t spend the holiday with my family, but from the moment I woke up I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the breakthrough I have received from our Father this year, along with where he has brought me and everyone he has brought into my life. I was reminded so gently how good our Father in Heaven is, and how as his daughter He wants to give good gifts. When saying this I am not saying that life is rainbows and butterflies every day-- I stand in front of brutally honest children every morning (now LEAD TEACHING 3rd grade!!) which is the best part of my day, but no matter how it goes, no matter what I am feeling, Jesus is still sitting on the throne, God is still sovereign, he pushes me to grow, and he pushes me to a point where I can’t do anything if he isn’t the one leading me. Friends! This is such a fun ride, it’s such a sweet place to be.

I feel as though every time I turn around God shows me another way I can give up control and let him lead. I thought that spending three months in the Himilayas would destroy my flesh’s need to be in control, yet that was just one step. I thought that going home without any knowledge of when I’d be able to come back to YWAM would destroy that want, yet again it was just a step. If I step into my classroom before meeting with God, thinking that I have it together, He quickly reminds me that He has it all together and without meeting with Him my class isn’t being led by the Spirit. I never want to lead my students out of my flesh. I can’t do it well. I need to be leading while being led by the Holy Spirit-- I can’t afford the alternative. None of us can.

It’s so exciting to see my students hearing from God and getting excited to get words over each other. These kids hear from Jesus so clearly. Getting to know the 3rd-grade students has been such an amazing experience, working and talking with them to understand how they learn best and also just what makes them tick. It fills me with joy when my students get excited and are having fun during a lesson. One of my goals for them this year is that they would look forward to learning every day and that Jesse and I would be able to teach the class in such a way that it sparks the students’ curiosity and have them learning hands-on as much as possible.

Teaching at nineteen is definitely a learning curve, as I have not been formally trained, yet God often calls those who aren’t qualified in the world’s standards, and through that, I am able to hold onto the confidence in Him who qualifies me.

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